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Where to Find Psychedelics 

Short answer: Not at MoCo Psychedelic Society meetings, from our members, or through our social media.  All of our meetings are sober.

It is a national shame that psychedelics are still given Schedule 1 designation on the Controlled Substances list. Possession of psychedelics is still federally illegal even in jurisdictions in which they have been decriminalized.  If you want to use psychedelics legally, you have to pursue one of the options listed below.  Another option exists for those with some tolerance for risk, however: get involved in some local meetups and online communities to make some mycelial social connections.  Some of these medicines are available around Maryland, but finding them takes effort and good will.

ClinicalTrials screenshot.jpg

Currently, the only DEA-approved way to use psychedelics in the US is to volunteer for one of the government-approved psychedelic studies.  The database at contains all clinical studies that are currently recruiting subjects or are in-progress, as well as the studies that have been recently completed.  Look for a recruiting study near you by typing the name of the psychedelic of interest into the "Other terms" box at this website.


Psychedelic Retreats

Psychedelic retreat centers have been built to capture the demand for psychedelic experiences. Psilocybin is provided to participants at retreats in the Netherlands, Mexico, Jamaica and Costa Rica.  Ayahuasca retreat facilities are distributed across Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru, and into Central America.

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