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Additional Resources

Recommended websites:

Chacruna - a non-profit academic organization that works to educate the public on psychedelics issues and to forefront the perspectives of the Global South, with provocative webinars and essays on psychedelic science, art, law, culture and spirituality.

DoubleBlind - a print and digital publication that presents the leading edge of the psychedelics movement.  Go here for excellent articles on topics like psychedelic integration, art, spirituality, and psychedelic culture and history, as well as useful online classes and webinars. 

Lucid News - a news website that delves into various topics touched by psychedelics, including business, health, politics, culture and spirit.

Psychedelic Seminars - notable live seminars and webinars on psychedelics-related topics.

Recommended podcasts:

Psychedelic Medicine Podcast

Psychedelics Today 

The Drug Science Podcast

MAPS Podcast

Substance Testing.

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