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Set & Setting

The terms "Set and Setting" refer to the conditions surrounding a person undergoing a psychedelic journey.  In brief, the "set" comprises the mental preparation and current mindset of the individual, and the "setting" is based on the physical and social environment surrounding the individual during the journey.


"Set" refers to one's personal conditions during and leading up to the psychedelic experience. Part of this is about mindset, including one's mood and stress levels, as well as their expectations or intentions for the journey. Some people limit their diet for a period before using psychedelics, by fasting or by cutting out such things as meat, alcohol and caffeine.

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"Setting" refers to the physical and social environments in which one is using psychedelics.  Controlling these environments can reduce one's likelihood of experiencing distress during the journey.  Many people prefer to avoid complex social interactions when journeying, especially with people who may cause stress or are not knowledgeable about psychedelics.  A quiet, secure room and a carefully selected musical playlist can contribute to a sense of peace during the experience.

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Other Settings

Others prefer to journey outdoors, such as while camping or fishing.  Although somewhat riskier especially when using larger doses of the psychedelic, such an experience can help people feel more connected with the natural world.

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