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The MoCo Psychedelic Society

Better living in Montgomery County, Maryland

The MoCo Psychedelic Society is an open organization dedicated to facilitating the safe emergence of psychedelics through education and meet-ups in Montgomery County, Maryland. We seek to educate on the safe use of psychedelics, while honoring the indigenous cultures from which our knowledge of them derives.  The MoCo Psychedelic Society does not get involved in buying, selling, or finding illicit substances.  Our meetings are sober and open to the public.

The Journey

Why do people consider taking a psychedelic trip?

To reconnect with the world, the ancestors, or religion.  For self discovery.  To step outside of oneself.  For a fresh look at life.  To regain a sense of wonder.  Whatever the motivation*, the central event of the psychedelic life is the journey.  At a sufficient dose, a psychedelic substance will enable and individual to see the world from a different perspective.  In this altered state, the person may see visions or visual patterns, may relive memories of the past, or come to realizations about themselves, their loved ones, or others.  While the journey is incredibly difficult to describe in concrete terms, it has consistently been called among the most meaningful events of a lifetime by psychedelic research study participants (1).

Other people may experience stress or difficulty during their journey, such as when suppressed memories or feelings come forth. This can cause some temporary anxiety in the individual, for which it is important to have a knowledgeable person nearby to help.  Sometimes, especially at higher doses of the psychedelic, an enjoyable dissolution of one's sense of personhood may occur. This "ego death" can be associated with a sense of "oneness" with everything, for some people (2).  

Two important considerations about the journey:  First, a thoughtful process of preparation can increase the benefits and reduce risks from the journey (see Set & Setting section). Second, after the journey, the process of psychedelic integration can be just as important as the trip itself.

* Additional common motivations to use psychedelics:

  • Religious ceremony, sacrament.

  • Group, communal and cultural ceremony​.

  • Adopting a ‘different’ and enlightening view of the everyday.

  • Insight into yourself and others.

  • Ability to analyze life situations in a new way.

  • Become better able to understand the feelings of others.

  • Realizing the way you think about something is part of the problem.

  • Healing from trauma.

  • Helping with addiction.

  • Creative inspiration/problem-solving insights.

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